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=== [[Source Code Indexing Service Analysis]] ===
Mozilla is evaluating Subversion for revision control, and at the same time wants to look at other source indexing services. This project will setup, document, and test other potential services (e.g., fisheye, opengrok, mxr) on one of the Seneca-Mozilla servers. In each case this requires configuration changes and some scripting to get the services to properly integrate with Mozilla’s other on-line tools. When the test services are installed and synched with the live source tree, Mozilla will point its developers to them and get feedback—-the students will help collect and synthesize this feedback.
=== [[mozilla_based_accessibility|Mozilla Based Accessibility]] ===
To work with the accessability team on screen reader compatibility issues outside of Firefox, fixing bugs in the XUL in Songbird or Thunderbird or Sunbird calendar etc.
== Potential Projects -- You busy? ==

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