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Distcc With MSVC

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Project News
For the most up to date info look up [ foobartastic]
== Oct. 2 2006 ==
A preliminary test of running distcc in cygwin revealed we were failing 4 tests; one or two more than our first patch. We tried to fix it, but never had success and didn't issue a commit. A while later we try running distcc again on another machine. This time we were only failing one test, which is less than our first patch. Here is the known tests to fail
# EmptySource_Case --- This is expected to fail since this is a bug in the earlier gcc compiler.
The explination for the extra three preliminary tests failing is because we interupted one of the tests, which we believed caused the daemon to be orphaned and exacting it's revenge on the murder's of it's parent processes.
== Sept. 26 2006 ==
To parallel build in mozilla, you cannot pass the -jN option to make and expect it to work. It didn't for me, and make was killing itself without an explination. I later learned that you have to add the following line to mozconfig
mk_add_options MOZ_MAKE_FLAGS=-j8
== Sept. 24 2006 ==
We think we've got the architecture right now. Ofcourse the only way to know is to start porting cl :). We're now going to try to port the tests to work with cl.exe.

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