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OOP344 - Success Project Dev TextEdit Application

381 bytes added, 11:40, 2 August 2010
Notes on IOFrame's completeness.
| IOField || jquan4|| 80% completed, just need to be finalize and tested
| IOFrame|| mjschranz|| In ProgressCompletely Compilable. gcc -c iof.c and then g++ ioframe_main.cpp ioframe.cpp iof.o -lcurses/-lncurses. It does still have bugs in the moving of the frame and what is being displayed. Perfectly compilable with borland as well (bcc32 ioframe_main.cpp ioframe.cpp iof.c). Note: ioframe_main.cpp isn't in the prj directory in trunk for whatever reason so you will have to manually copy it there.
| IOForm ||mjschranz || In Progress

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