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Oop344 20102 - iof functions

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Line Editor: int iof_edit(........)
NOTE: The following corrections should be done to '''"*curpos"''' and '''"*offset"''' in case they hold invalid values before editing begins:
# If '''"*curpos"''' is greater than or equal to the value of fieldlen, correct the '''"*curpos"''' so that cursor stands at the last position inside the field.
# If '''"*offset"''' is greater than the length of the string, set the '''"*offset"''' so the “last character of str” is hidden right before the first space in the field. (See '''“[[Oop344 20102 - iof functions#IsTextEditor:|IsTextEditor Section #1]]”''' for more)
# After the above, if cursor is past the last character of '''“str”''', set '''"*curpos"''' so the cursor stands right after the last character of "str".

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