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Oop344 20102 - iof functions

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int iof_getch(void)
=== int iof_getch(void) ===
Returns the virtual key code identifying the key pressed by the user. This function first displays all output that has been sent to the screen (if any is pending to be displayed), waits for a key to be pressed and returns an int value that uniquely identifies the key pressed. To accommodate platform dependency, define the following symbolic names for the <u>non-ASCII</u>keys in each platform:
* '''UP_KEY''' - the up arrow key value,
* '''F1_KEY''' to '''F12_KEY''' - the function key value,
You must use platform -specific and <u>unique non-ASCII</u> values for the keys, and then you must use these specific symbolic names in your definitions.
=== void iof_movecur(int r, int c) ===

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