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Talk:OOP344 - HOTYS IRC Logs - 20102

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Log 3 (06/13/10)
===Log 3 (06/13/10)===

Session Start: Sun Jun 13 11:57:29 2010
Session Ident: #seneca-hotys
�03[11:57] * Now talking in #seneca-hotys
�01[11:57] <TonyKim> Hi Stephanie~~
[11:57] <@_YJ_> hello tony
�01[11:59] <TonyKim> :-)
�03[12:00] * Han3 ( has joined #seneca-hotys
�01[12:00] <TonyKim> Hi Han
�01[12:00] <TonyKim> Hi YuJin
[12:00] <@_YJ_> hi han
[12:00] <Han3> Hi all
[12:01] <slaw12> morning !!
[12:01] <Han3> I already wake up..ha
[12:01] <@_YJ_> haha
�01[12:01] <TonyKim> [_Y_J]You are a master
[12:01] <Han3> where is Ozzy?
[12:01] <@_YJ_> really ?
[12:01] <@_YJ_> lol
�01[12:01] <TonyKim> Yes
[12:01] <@_YJ_> I sent Ozzy a message too
[12:01] <Han3> ok..
[12:02] <@_YJ_> I don't wanna be master here.
[12:02] <@_YJ_> lol
[12:02] <Han3> Our teacher posted our stuff on wiki..
[12:02] <Han3> haha
�01[12:02] <TonyKim> You can kick off
�01[12:02] <TonyKim> someone you don't like
�01[12:02] <TonyKim> LOL
[12:02] <@_YJ_> shall we wait until Ozzy comes ?
[12:03] <@_YJ_> I finished displaymenuitem and menuitem function
[12:03] <@_YJ_> take a look at this
[12:03] <@_YJ_>
[12:03] <Han3> I checked
[12:03] <@_YJ_> I think we need to decide who will do which functions
[12:03] <slaw12> yah
[12:04] <slaw12> that sounds like a good plan
[12:04] <@_YJ_> yes.
[12:04] <@_YJ_> I wanna distribute to this.
[12:05] <@_YJ_> D- [displayMenuItem()]
[12:05] <@_YJ_> [MenuItem()]
[12:05] <@_YJ_> [edit(): data entry, insert mode]
[12:05] <@_YJ_> [Test Linux platform]
[12:05] <@_YJ_> Fardad suggested task distribution
[12:05] <Han3> mine is displayflag()
[12:05] <@_YJ_> but we can change it as we want
�01[12:05] <TonyKim> I saw it
[12:05] <@_YJ_> yeah, since Tony worked on iof_edit function
[12:05] <@_YJ_> a lot
[12:06] <Han3> it's up to you guys..
[12:06] <@_YJ_> tony should take distribution for part of iof_edit
[12:06] <Han3> good
[12:06] <slaw12> ok
[12:06] <@_YJ_> I will take menuitem and displaymenuitem and insert mode of iof_edit
[12:06] <@_YJ_> (or I want to take)
�01[12:06] <TonyKim> [edit(): Corrections before editing]
�01[12:06] <TonyKim> [edit(): Backspace Key]
�01[12:06] <TonyKim> [edit(): Enter and All function keys]
�01[12:06] <TonyKim> [Test Linux platform]
[12:07] <@_YJ_> tony look at the second one
[12:07] <@_YJ_> that's the first one
[12:07] <Han3> we can follow the shedule our teacher made..too..
[12:07] <@_YJ_> from this page
[12:07] <@_YJ_> yeah. we can follow his suggestion
[12:08] <@_YJ_> but since some of us already worked on different functions
[12:08] <@_YJ_> I think it better make sense to change fardad's suggestion
[12:09] <Han3> I think each member should have equl chance to contribute for out project...ha
�01[12:09] <TonyKim> Yes, I agree
[12:09] <Han3> our project..soryy..
[12:09] <@_YJ_> yeah.
[12:09] <Han3> good..
[12:10] <slaw12> How about we look at what is left and then distribute from there?
[12:10] <@_YJ_> do you mean
[12:10] <@_YJ_> since we worked one the same functions together
[12:11] <@_YJ_> put that one into each members distribution list
[12:11] <@_YJ_> and then divide what's left /
[12:11] <@_YJ_> ?
[12:11] <slaw12> mm..
[12:11] <@_YJ_> like put iof_edit delete key on all of our members name ?
[12:13] <Han3> In my opinion, if we follow teacher's suggestion, we can share our information
[12:13] <Han3> and also, we can help each other..
[12:13] <@_YJ_> yeah. we will still follow teacher;s suggestion
[12:14] <@_YJ_> but what I'm suggesting is
[12:14] <@_YJ_> for example
[12:14] <@_YJ_> according to teacher's sugestion, I am supposed to test MAC platform
[12:14] <Han3> right..
[12:14] <@_YJ_> but I think I better switch with tony's Linux platform
[12:14] <@_YJ_> since tony has Mac
�01[12:15] <TonyKim> ok
[12:15] <slaw12> I was thinking whoever had already finished certain functions should just submit what they've already written and then we can look at what's left and divide the work from there?
[12:15] <@_YJ_> so I will take linux
[12:15] <@_YJ_> and tony will do mac
[12:15] <@_YJ_> something like this
[12:15] <@_YJ_> we will still follow the suggestion but make some changes like this
[12:15] <Han3> good
[12:15] <Han3> I understand what you mean..
[12:15] <@_YJ_> :-)
[12:16] <@_YJ_> and since I finished menuitem and displaymenuitem
[12:16] <@_YJ_> I can take that
[12:16] <@_YJ_> and han did flag and displayflag
�01[12:16] <TonyKim> We can share our source code. Anyone can copy and past from others. No matter whoever had already finished certain functions.
[12:16] <Han3> I already finished my part...
[12:16] <@_YJ_> yeah
[12:16] <Han3> right...
[12:16] <@_YJ_> except you need to test it BCC
[12:17] <Han3> yes..
[12:17] <@_YJ_> yes
[12:17] <@_YJ_> tony
[12:17] <@_YJ_> yes
�01[12:17] <TonyKim> Yes
[12:17] <@_YJ_> steph
[12:17] <slaw12> yes
[12:18] <Han3> I put my baby away from here..haha
[12:18] <@_YJ_> good job han !
[12:18] <@_YJ_> lol
[12:18] <Han3> haha
[12:19] <@_YJ_> so now..
[12:19] <@_YJ_> do you think we have to wait until ozzy comes ?
[12:19] <@_YJ_> to decide this distribution ?
[12:19] <Han3> After meeting, you can email hin
[12:19] <Han3> him.
[12:20] <slaw12> i think we should go ahead
[12:20] <Han3> Yujin
[12:20] <slaw12> and then we can change it after if he has issues
�01[12:20] <TonyKim> [_Y_J_]Has he responded to you?
[12:20] <@_YJ_> no he hasn't replied to me
[12:20] <@_YJ_> does anyone know how to upload our meeting log ?
�01[12:21] <TonyKim> I'll do it.
[12:21] <Han3> good
�01[12:21] <TonyKim> Copy and past.
[12:21] <@_YJ_> yes. please do it for us.
[12:21] <@_YJ_> really ?
[12:21] <@_YJ_> there should be automatic thing
[12:22] <@_YJ_> but anyway it's not really important
[12:22] <@_YJ_> tony, just do in a way whatever you know.
�01[12:22] <TonyKim> I have a question.
[12:22] <@_YJ_> ?
�01[12:22] <TonyKim> edit(): Corrections before editing
�01[12:22] <TonyKim> I have no idea above.
[12:23] <Han3> what does mean tony??
[12:24] <@_YJ_> hmmm
[12:24] <@_YJ_> stephanie, any idea ?
�01[12:24] <TonyKim> I meant I don't understand the instruction how to do it.
[12:24] <@_YJ_> yeah me too
[12:24] <@_YJ_> corrections before editing ?
[12:24] <slaw12> hmm..
�01[12:25] <TonyKim> NOTE: Following corrections should be done to "*curpos" and "*offset" in case they hold invalid values before editing begins:
�01[12:26] <TonyKim> 1.If "*curpos" exceeds the value of fieldlen, correct the "*curpos" so that cursor stands at the last position inside the field
[12:26] <@_YJ_> is it from assignment description ?
�01[12:26] <TonyKim> Yes
[12:26] <@_YJ_> oh then now you know what to do
�01[12:27] <TonyKim> But "*curpos" and "*offset" depend on the keys.
�01[12:28] <TonyKim> OK. I got it.
[12:28] <@_YJ_> so what should we do from now..
�01[12:28] <TonyKim> I have to put some code to check if "*offset" and "*curpos" are vaild.
[12:29] <@_YJ_> any objections or suggestion to the task distrbution from here ?
[12:29] <@_YJ_> Ozzy just sent me he is going to be here soon
�01[12:29] <TonyKim> ok
[12:29] <slaw12> so we should just go with the list?
[12:29] <@_YJ_> we can make changes to this in today's meeting
[12:30] <@_YJ_> seems like every members have at least 4 tasks
[12:30] <@_YJ_> as long as you have 4 tasks, it doesn't matter which one you have.
�01[12:30] <TonyKim> [slaw12]Yes
[12:30] <@_YJ_> so.. if you want you can exchange something with others ? after discussion ?
[12:31] <@_YJ_> lol
�03[12:31] * OzZy_M ( has joined #seneca-hotys
[12:31] <OzZy_M> Sorry I'mlate
�01[12:31] <TonyKim> Hi Ozzy!
[12:31] <@_YJ_> for me I 'm okay with my distribution list
[12:31] <OzZy_M> I slept in :(
[12:31] <slaw12> ok
[12:31] <Han3> Hi
[12:31] <@_YJ_> Hi ozzy
[12:31] <slaw12> no worries, good morning!
[12:31] <slaw12> :P
[12:31] <OzZy_M> :)
[12:31] <@_YJ_> Ozzy, can you take a look at this ?
[12:31] <OzZy_M> Did I miss anything?
[12:31] <@_YJ_>
[12:31] <slaw12> you have oop244
�01[12:32] <TonyKim> [slaw12]You can exchange yours with anyone. I think.
[12:32] <@_YJ_> we need to decide on task distribution list.
[12:32] <@_YJ_> Fardad e-mailed us about it.
[12:32] <slaw12> ok
[12:32] <OzZy_M> oklemme check my email then
[12:33] <@_YJ_> we made some adjustment to his suggested distribution list.
[12:33] <@_YJ_> and check that link above as well
[12:34] <OzZy_M> So
[12:34] <OzZy_M> What am I looking at
[12:34] <OzZy_M> this is what needs to be done?
[12:34] <@_YJ_> you mean distribution list ?
[12:35] <@_YJ_> what do you mean
[12:35] <OzZy_M> Some of the stuff on the list we haven't done yet right?
[12:35] <slaw12> right
[12:35] <@_YJ_> yeap
[12:35] <@_YJ_> I did some work
[12:35] <@_YJ_> han did some work
[12:35] <OzZy_M> so we need to get all this stuff done before thursday?
[12:36] <slaw12> by thursday nighte
�01[12:36] <TonyKim> Yes
[12:36] <@_YJ_> which means we need to finish all complex functions
[12:36] <OzZy_M> ok
[12:36] <@_YJ_> and we need to make this distribution list done.
[12:36] <OzZy_M> ok
[12:37] <@_YJ_> so take a look at the link I gave you and tell us any suggestions or objections
[12:37] <@_YJ_> we were talking about this before you come
[12:37] <OzZy_M> So we need to comment the code saying that we did the parts divided up on the page?
[12:37] <@_YJ_> and Han, me, tony agreed one the list.
[12:37] <OzZy_M> not Stephanie?
[12:37] <@_YJ_> steph, do you agree ?
[12:37] <slaw12> yes, it's fine
[12:38] <@_YJ_> good.
[12:38] <OzZy_M> I don't see anything wrong with it
[12:38] <@_YJ_> we don't need to comment on the actual code
[12:38] <@_YJ_> since Fardad will take a look at
[12:38] <@_YJ_> our group page
[12:38] <OzZy_M> oh
[12:38] <@_YJ_> and that distribution list
[12:38] <OzZy_M> when committing
[12:38] <Han3> when we commit..we need to add comment..
[12:38] <@_YJ_> he is gonna check that group project page when marking
�01[12:39] <TonyKim> Yes
[12:39] <OzZy_M> so what was the point in moving around the tasks?
[12:39] <@_YJ_> for example, testing Mac platform is more suitable for Tony
[12:39] <@_YJ_> so I exchanged with him
[12:39] <@_YJ_> and I finished displaymenuitem and menuitem function
[12:40] <OzZy_M> oic
[12:40] <OzZy_M> ok
[12:40] <@_YJ_> so I better put that on my list
[12:40] <@_YJ_> and our edit function is not done yet
[12:40] <@_YJ_> I mean completely done yet.
[12:40] <OzZy_M> ya
[12:40] <OzZy_M> ok
[12:40] <OzZy_M> so we have our work laid out for us
[12:40] <OzZy_M> excellent
[12:40] <@_YJ_> yeah.
[12:40] <OzZy_M> now
[12:40] <OzZy_M> what else is there to do?
[12:41] <@_YJ_> hmm
�01[12:41] <TonyKim> Also we can share our code no matter whoever has done certain functions.
[12:41] <OzZy_M> ya
[12:41] <Han3> right...
[12:41] <@_YJ_> yes
[12:41] <OzZy_M> Where are the descriptions on what everything does?
[12:41] <OzZy_M> I have no idea what the Esacpe key should do
�01[12:42] <TonyKim>
[12:42] <@_YJ_> yeah
�01[12:42] <TonyKim> ESCAPE - Terminates the iof_edit(), and abort editing; "str"will contain originally passed data when leaving function. (SeeIsTextEditor for exception)
[12:42] <@_YJ_> click that link and take a look at
�01[12:42] <TonyKim> I think we have to use some string functions in "string.h".
�01[12:42] <TonyKim> strcpy
[12:43] <OzZy_M> ok
[12:43] <Han3> I think so..
[12:43] <OzZy_M> alright
[12:43] <OzZy_M> so lets get to work?
[12:43] <@_YJ_> since we are assigned to specific functions now... shall we worked individually first
[12:43] <@_YJ_> ?
[12:43] <@_YJ_> or...
[12:43] <OzZy_M> ya
[12:43] <@_YJ_> what else should we do in today's meeting ?
[12:44] <OzZy_M> We should come together if we need help
[12:44] <OzZy_M> firstly
[12:44] <@_YJ_> I guess we need to have another meeting after workinig individually ?
[12:44] <OzZy_M> is everyone going to start working on this after the meeting?
[12:44] <slaw12> yes, to put everything together
[12:44] <OzZy_M> today
[12:44] <@_YJ_> I'm going to working right from now.
[12:44] <OzZy_M> ok
[12:44] <OzZy_M> tony han steph?
�01[12:44] <TonyKim> I'll do it now.
[12:44] <Han3> I have to go photo studio..
[12:45] <OzZy_M> ok
[12:45] <@_YJ_> but han is almost done with his part
[12:45] <slaw12> i have an appointment at 2 so prollie do some now and then do some later
[12:45] <Han3> I am done...
[12:45] <OzZy_M> alright
[12:45] <Han3> except for BBC test..
[12:45] <@_YJ_> then we gotta have meeting on other day ?
[12:45] <OzZy_M> ya
�01[12:45] <TonyKim> Yes
[12:45] <OzZy_M> Mon/Tue
[12:45] <Han3> good
[12:45] <@_YJ_> okiue
[12:45] <@_YJ_> when should we have meeting again ?
[12:45] <Han3> Tue is better..for me
[12:46] <OzZy_M> Tue after DBS is good
[12:46] <@_YJ_> when does DBS finish ?
�01[12:46] <TonyKim> After 3pm.
�01[12:46] <TonyKim> one second
[12:46] <OzZy_M> 5
�01[12:46] <TonyKim> yes
�01[12:47] <TonyKim> After 5 pm.
[12:47] <Han3> yes..g
[12:47] <Han3> 5
[12:47] <@_YJ_> will it be IRC meeting or in-person meeting ?
[12:47] <OzZy_M> doesn't matter
�01[12:47] <TonyKim> Ron will give us some answers for an assignment 1.
[12:47] <slaw12> i can stay at school and meet
[12:47] <@_YJ_> I prefer in_person meeting
[12:48] <OzZy_M> ok
[12:48] <OzZy_M> so at 5:15 we all meet at the library?
[12:48] <@_YJ_> yes
�01[12:48] <TonyKim> Yes
[12:48] <slaw12> sure
[12:48] <@_YJ_> we can book the room again
[12:48] <@_YJ_> I can do that
[12:48] <OzZy_M> ok
[12:49] <@_YJ_> Tuesday 5:10 to 7:00 room 1132 is booked
�01[12:49] <TonyKim> Alright.
[12:49] <Han3> ok
[12:50] <OzZy_M> just meet in the library
[12:50] <OzZy_M> forget the room
[12:50] <OzZy_M> it doesn't matter if we have one or not
[12:50] <@_YJ_> I already booked the room.
[12:50] <OzZy_M> ok
[12:50] <Han3> good
[12:50] <@_YJ_> so we can use it
[12:50] <OzZy_M> alright
[12:50] <OzZy_M> we'll meet then
[12:50] <slaw12> ok sounds good
[12:50] <OzZy_M> is anyone going to be on msn the rest of the day?
[12:50] <Han3> ok..
[12:50] <OzZy_M> I might have some more questions later
[12:51] <OzZy_M> I have to go out somewhere to work
[12:51] <OzZy_M> I can't work at home :(
[12:51] <@_YJ_> haha
�01[12:51] <TonyKim> ok
[12:51] <@_YJ_> no. I had no idea about automatic logging function
�01[12:51] <TonyKim> I have to clean my room.
[12:51] <OzZy_M> lol
[12:51] <@_YJ_> actually I wanna learn how to do it
[12:51] <@_YJ_> teach us or make a wiki page about it
[12:51] <@_YJ_> lol
[12:51] <Han3> Good job..Tony..haha
[12:52] <OzZy_M> I did
[12:52] <@_YJ_> really ?
[12:52] <@_YJ_> where is it
[12:52] <OzZy_M> ya
[12:52] <OzZy_M> oh you are using chatzilla?
[12:52] <@_YJ_> yes
[12:52] <OzZy_M> I have no idea how to do it on there
[12:52] <OzZy_M> whoever has a log of the entire meeting
[12:52] <OzZy_M> put it up on the site
[12:52] <slaw12> you can't do it on there
[12:52] <@_YJ_> :-(
[12:52] <slaw12> I looked i tup
[12:52] <OzZy_M> booo
[12:52] <@_YJ_> sad.
[12:52] <OzZy_M> chatzilla sux
[12:53] <OzZy_M> !
[12:53] <slaw12> yeah, it's so ol school
[12:53] <@_YJ_> but it's simple and free
[12:53] <@_YJ_> it's okay
[12:53] <@_YJ_> lol
[12:53] <slaw12> you'd have to copy and paste it. haha..
[12:53] <OzZy_M> so is mIRC
[12:53] <@_YJ_> lol
[12:53] <@_YJ_> okay you win
�01[12:53] <TonyKim> I have mIRC with a crack file.
[12:53] <@_YJ_> Tony plz upload log for us
�01[12:53] <TonyKim> I'll send it your email.
[12:53] <OzZy_M> mIRC is free
[12:53] <OzZy_M> why do you need to crack it? lol
[12:54] <Han3>'s free..
�01[12:54] <TonyKim> Really? I can use it for 30 days.
[12:54] <Han3> They just want us to register ...
�01[12:55] <TonyKim> mIRC says "Evaluation copy 24 days remaining".
[12:55] <Han3> we can still use it withput register..
�01[12:55] <TonyKim> I have the crack file for it.
�01[12:55] <TonyKim> It's ok.
[12:55] <OzZy_M> It just says that
[12:55] <OzZy_M> It still lets you use it.
�01[12:56] <TonyKim> ok
[12:56] <@_YJ_> cood
[12:56] <@_YJ_> good
[12:56] <OzZy_M> anyways
[12:56] <@_YJ_> yeah
[12:56] <@_YJ_> Tony is resposible for log today
[12:56] <OzZy_M> someone post this log on the site since I wasn't here for the beginning
[12:56] <@_YJ_> :-)
�01[12:56] <TonyKim> ok
[12:56] <Han3> right..
[12:56] <OzZy_M> I'm going to log off for now
[12:56] <@_YJ_> good
[12:56] <OzZy_M> but I will be back on in an hour or so
[12:56] <@_YJ_> have a good weekend !
�01[12:57] <TonyKim> Have a good day!!
[12:57] <Han3> ok..thank you guys..
[12:57] <OzZy_M> thanks
[12:57] <OzZy_M> later
[12:57] <@_YJ_> bye
[12:57] <slaw12> aight, good luck guys
�02[12:57] * OzZy_M ( Quit
�03[12:57] * @_YJ_ ( has left #seneca-hotys
[12:57] <slaw12> bye
�01[12:57] <TonyKim> bye
[12:57] <Han3> bye
�02[12:57] * Han3 ( Quit
�03[12:57] * slaw12 ( has left #seneca-hotys


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