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Prefixes are often combined to form other prefixes, as when '''p''' and '''sz''' are joined to form '''psz''', which stands for "pointer to zero-terminated string." </p>
<p>(See Example Below)</p>example:<p> int nCount = 45 ;<br/> char szUserName[20];<br/> char* pszUserName[20];<br/> char cLetter = 'a' ;<br/></p>
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statement, etc.”). This is a single, consistent rule I apply to all of the
code I write, and it makes formatting much simpler. It makes the
“scannability” easier – when you look at this line:</p><br/> example:  int func(int a);<br/><br/>
you know, by the semicolon at the end of the line, that this is a
declaration and it goes no further, but when you see the line:</p>
<br/>example: int func(int a) {<br/><br/>
you immediately know it’s a definition because the line finishes

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