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OOP344 - FjXR - 20102

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breaks up the ‘if’ from the body, resulting in better readability.
Finally, it’s much easier to visually align braces when they are
aligned in the same column. They visually "stick out" much
=== ParenthesesIdentifier names === <p>The style is quite straightforward. The first letter of an identifier isonly capitalized if that identifier is a class. If it is a function orvariable, bracesthen the first letter is lowercase. The rest of the identifierconsists of one or more words, run together but distinguished bycapitalizing each word. So a class looks like this:</p><br/> class FrenchVanilla : public IceCream {<br/> an object identifier looks like this:<br/> FrenchVanilla myIceCreamCone(3);<br/> and indentation ===a function looks like this:<br/> void eatIceCreamCone();<br/> (for either a member function or a regular function).<br/>

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