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How to set up tab spaces

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This page will describe how to set up certain IDEs and Text Editors to not use the default tab character (\t) when the Tab key is pressed and instead use a predefined number of regular space characters instead. This is useful because when importing/exporting to different editors and /or platforms these tab characters can be read differently causing code to not be displayed in it's original intended form
==Notepad++ v5.6.6==
<i>This part uses Notepad++ v5.6.6 to set up tab spaces. Other versions should still be similar.</i>
 <br />To change the default action of the tab key:
==Visual Studio==
<i>Comfirmed to work for Visual Studio 2008/2010. Should be the same for 2005 aswell</i><br />To change the default action of the tab key:

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