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OOP344 - HOTYS - 20102

178 bytes added, 16:19, 23 May 2010
Coding Style Rules: Version 3
int nm_Type OR INT mn_Type;
All variable declaration should be done on it's own lineSline
There should be NO single character names for variables (Ex: i, j, k, etc) except for arbitrary counters, such as for loops
All const and #define Variable names should be in All Caps
const int MAX_TRIPS;
#define MAX_TRIPS 1
Pointers should be defined in C++ style:
int* x;
int * x; OR int *x;
There should be NO use of the tab character!!!
Each indent should be 3 blank spaces! I will write a wiki on how to set this up in VS 2008, VS 2010,And Notepad++

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