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The Basics of IRC: - Added how to log conversations on mIRC
Stick with GHOST for now, as Recover is becoming more obsolete.
===How To Log IRC Conversations on mIRC===
To log conversations on mIRC, you need to :
<li>Right click on the channel on the Switchbar (The bar with the channel names on it)</li>
<li>Select <b>Logging</b></li>
<li>Select <b>On</b></li>
<br />
To view a logged conversation:
<li>Click on <b>Tools</b></li>
<li>Click on <b>Log Files...</b></li>
<li>Find you log file and double click it</li>
<br />
== Linked List Explained ==
[[Linked List]] <br />
If you don't really understand how linked lists work or why we should even use them then this page is made for you!

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