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== FAQ ==
1=== [http://groups. How do I create my summary pageremove the file location header included in the default printing setting?] ===:See, the first user note at the bottom. Change this line
Like this! var settings = PrintUtils.getPrintSettings();
2. Should I put the FAQ questions/answers in the summaries?:to this
No var settings = PrintUtils.getPrintSettings().clone(); settings. docURL = " "; Put them in a single place // suppress URL on printout :Other options you can modify are documented here: :  === [ Is it possible to load the template with XML file and not rdf based source?] === :That feature isn't available yet. The code that implements it is waiting to be reviewed. See bug  == UnAnswered Questions (hereUAQ), instead of == === [ Gettng an error in the summariesconsole when inserting a subtree into a XUL document from another XML.] === === [ How can I find more information about TB infrastructure?] ===

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