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--[[User:Pcvitori|Pcvitori]] 09:45, 22 September 2006 (EDT)
== Adding a Favicon ==
Just thought it would be cool to add a favicons for our wiki site that would display in the browser address bar when the page is visited and/or in the browser bookmarks menu.
Here are three 32x32 samples created based on the new wiki:
[[Image:Favicon.PNG]]  -  Main wiki logo version.
[[Image:Favicon2.PNG]]  -  Transparent blue without text.
[[Image:Favicon3.PNG]]  -  Transparent with wrap around text.
Favicons may also have scrolling text and may even be animated. However, since the wiki only allows .PNG uploads I could not upload those samples.
- 03:27 Thursday, 28 Sept 2006 (EST)    [[User:Sherman|Sherman Fernandes]] (sjfern)

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