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Irssi Tutorial

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Frequently Asked Questions
#*If 3 is '''pink''', meaning you got messenger specificly sent to you plus other reason that might need your attention.
#*If you want to switch from one chat to another, press '''alt+ screen#'''.
# '''How do i close an open window?'''
#* Navigate to the window you want to close, type '''/window close''' and press enter.
# '''How do i scroll up or down?'''
#* Page Up & Page Down.
# '''How do I send to have a private message to chat with someone on irc?'''#* First of all, to send To create a private messagechat, you need to know that person's nickname, which you can type '/names'to identify the person on the list and then type '/query nickname'or /q nickname. #* To close the private chat, type '/q'.
# '''If I want to leave the irssi that I logged in from one computer to another but keeping the connection and messages running, what should I do?'''
#* I should do Ctrl+A and then press D right after.
#* Close the SSH in this computer, moved to another computer, log into cs1 again, then type 'screen -arAd'.
#* '''Notice: You don't even have to connect again.'''

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