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Irssi Tutorial

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Frequently Asked Questions
#* You can either type '''/names''' or '''/who''' followed by '''alt 1''' to switch to the server window.
# '''On the Irssi screen, what does 'Act: 3' mean?'''
#* In your irssi, you will see [2:#seneca] [Act:3,4]. What do those number mean? That means 2 is the current chat screen that you are in. 3 and 4 are the other chat that is open. #*If 3 is in '''blue''', which mean someone login, logoff, changing status. #*If 3 is '''white''', that's mean conversation is going on in that chat. #*If 3 is '''pink''', meaning you got messenger specificly sent to you plus other reason that might need your attention. #*If you want to switch from one chat to another, press '''alt+ screen#'''.
# '''How do i close an open window?'''

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