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Irssi Tutorial

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Frequently Asked Questions
#* You can either type '''/names''' or '''/who''' followed by '''alt 1''' to switch to the server window.
# '''On the Irssi screen, what does 'Act: 3' mean?'''
#* This display allows In your irssi, you to will see [2:#seneca] [Act:3,4]. What do those number mean? 2 is the current chat screen that you are in. 3 and 4 are the other chat that is open. If 3 is in '''blue''', which mean someone login, logoff, changing status. If 3 is '''windowswhite' are currently active with user '', that's mean conversation or system messagesis going on in that chat. In this case, If 3 is '''pink''window' 3 is currently active, meaning you got messenger specificly sent to you plus other reason that might need your attention. To If you want to switch from one chat to this windowanother, press '''alt 3+ screen#'''. 
# '''How do i close an open window?'''
#* Navigate to the window you want to close, type '''/window close''' and press enter.

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