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Project Details
== '''Project Details''' ==
The bug is filed on bugzilla [ #542578].
Upon research, finding, and testing this bug, it appears that the latest tip of Bespin already had this issue fixed. See comments below which are found on the issue page in bugzilla:
Patrick Walton 2010-01-27 11:19:04 PST
Adding new lines to the buffer causes a one pixel wide line in the color of the
selection to appear on the left side of the editor view.
[reply] [-] Comment 1 Patrick Walton 2010-02-19 19:14:55 PST
Derek wants to work on this one.
[reply] [-] Comment 2 Julian Viereck 2010-02-19 23:38:33 PST
I can't reproduce this bug on a clean checkout of Bespinclient's tip.
[reply] [-] Comment 3 Derek Ambrose 2010-02-20 08:18:51 PST
Yeah, neither can I. It seems to have already been fixed in one of the recent
[reply] [-] Comment 4 Gordon P. Hemsley 2010-02-20 11:18:10 PST
Marking as RESOLVED WORKSFORME, per comment 2 and comment 3.

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