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Derek Ambrose was born on March 27th, 1986. He has been going to school at Seneca since September, 2007 for Computer Programming and Analysis and finds it very rewarding and enjoyable. He is currently partaking in the redesign and development of an online coding environment called 'Bespin' and that will be his primary focus aside from the assignments given to him from school and the summer co-op position he will soon be working at.
== '''ProjectsProject Contributions''' ==
'''Feb 15, 2010'''
Just did some testing Testing for processing.js 0.5 release. Tested it on Firefox and Safari. Found a few issues.
- Noise1D and Noise2D displayed as specks similar to that of tv static when on it displayed as more of a smokey texture
(Firefox and Safari)
- Animated Sprite begins with the sprite located outside of the box but eventually bounces back within the box (Firefox)
- Characters and Strings - shows only numbers when keys are pressed, not letters like it should (Firefox and Safari)
'''Apr 18'''
Assisted [ Harjinder] with syntax and a few logical issues in [ bug 557135].
== '''Blog''' ==
You can find my blog [ here]
== '''Projects''' ==
[ Future Processing.js Web IDE]
[ Bespin Bug# 516852: Appropriate Cursor Should Display When Over Custom Scrollbar] (Resolved --> bug was outdated when it was assigned to me)
[ Bespin Bug # 542578: Adding New Lines Causes The Selection To Bleed Into The Margin] (Resolved --> latest tip of Bespin doesn't reproduce the issue)
[ Bespin Bug # 540112: Cursor Doesn't Blink] (added [ patch] to bugzilla)
[ Mock Bug of ThunderBird Bug Fix]
[ Bespin - TM's Smartmove Implementation]
== '''Contact Info''' ==

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