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== About Me==
I'm in my fourth year at a Seneca College Alumni (graduated in 2009 with honors). I've been on and am part of off the radar in the open source community as I get my bearings working in the Mozilla@Seneca teamreal world. You can reach me at dcbarans at I currently work for any reason. My [http://dbaranskiagfa.wordpresscom/en/he/ personal blogjsp Agfa Heathcare] in Waterloo, Ontario. 90% of my work is also available as in JavaScript/Dojo the other 10% is in Tcl (look it up!). Dave's class really opened my eyes and made coding, my passion, extremely enjoyable and rewarding. Only after leaving school and working for over a means of contactyear do I now really see how much this open source course changed my programming life. I'm glad to be back!
== Projects ==
Some of my projects include:
* [[processing.js|Processing.js]]
=== Past Projects ===
* [[Builder|The Builder Pattern]]
* [[Tinderbox front page improvements]]

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