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OPS235 Lab 4 - Fedora17

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Investigation 3: How can a PV be added to an existing VG?
# Find a way to move the contents of <code>/home</code> onto it.
# Change your system configuration so that the new filesystem is mounted on <code>/home</code> from now on.
{{Admon/tip|SELinux relabelling may be required|Your system may report that the files are not present in the new /home filesystem when they are clearly there. This is due to the Security-Enhanced Linux system (SELinux) preventing access to the files, because the files were tampered with (moved) and are no longer recognized as home directory content. You can fix this problem by restoring the file context labels so that SELinux accepts the files as valid home directory content: <code>restorecon -r /home</code>}}
== Investigation 4: How can I use LVM to manage storage on my disk pack? ==

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