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Team !YOU - OOP344

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Code Examples
=== Offical Team !You Programming Standards ===
Below is a list of standards we have accepted as a group.   == Code Examples == Below we all will post our OOP244 Assignment 4 from last semester. Please zip all of the files, and upload it. This will help all of us create our coding "rules". I, of all people, know how hard it is to break coding habits. So if we upload examples of how we code, then we can have a better understanding of each other's habits, and create rules that make us all happy. The sooner everyone posts their code, the sooner everyone else can read it, and the sooner we can create our programming rules.<br /><br />{| class="wikitable" border="1"|+ Code Example! Name !! Code|-| MattAdams || []|-| Mziaei1 || []|-| fmDeOliveira || []|-|} {| class="wikitable" border="1"|+ Discussion! Name !! Comment|-| Mddaniels || The only problem I have with this is that 1) I do not have any code left from previous semesters on my computers due to a system's crash. If it is really needed then I will write a piece of dummy code in my prefered style and post it here to the team page.|-| ammisko || I don't have a coding example from last semester either. I took OOP244 a while ago so I'll have to find something to upload from then.|-| amward1 || Yikes - not crazy about the potential plagiarism issue in a forum accessible to current 244 students. I can post some non-coursework code, but my coding varies depending on the editor (eg. for nesting, in nled or vi I open my brackets on the same line as an if statement, but in Visual Studio I go with the automaticly-inserted brackets on the next line, similar to mddaniels' style above.)<br /> If we find this exercise useful, I would be happy to post some other code. Has anyone gone through the samples uploaded so far and found significant differences? |-|}

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