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Student Resources OOP344 - 20101

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IRC basics
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== Create an The Basics of IRC account and login (in Windows) ==
1IRC is also known as Internet Relay Chat. google search "ChatZilla", [ download] and install The principal of it.<br />2. From "FireFox" menu => select "Tools" => select "ChatZilla". <br />3. commands: <br /><table><tr><td>/server </td><td>/* connect is essentially to server */</td></tr><tr><td>/join #seneca </td><td>/* join #Seneca channel */</td></tr><tr><td>/nick nickname </td><td>/* Change your nickname */</td></tr><tr><td>/leave </td><td>/* leave provide accessible chat rooms for people over the channel */</td></tr><tr><td>/query nickname </td><td>/* open a private chat with some one */</td></tr></table>internet over multiple operating systems.
4. If someone has taken your registered nick or you're trying To be able to log on connect and interact with your nick but it says "already in use" then try this toIRC, one must first have an IRC client of some sort.Two of the most common are [https:<table><tr><td>RECOVER Kill another user who has taken your nick<br/>goto: Eg. the main chat room such as "irc/" not the channels and type the<brorg/>Syntax : en-US/msg NickServ RECOVER [nick] [personal password]<brfirefox/>addon/* leave out the brackets [ 16 Chatzilla] */ (NOTE: Please use the Ghost command instead Add-on for nowFirefox)<, and [http://td><>mIRC].
<tr><td>Once installed and running, you will have such options as connecting to various servers. We're particularly interested in the one which the seneca chatroom is located. This table has some basic commands for IRC. GHOST Kills the nickname{|<br| />goto: Eg. the main chat room such as "server" not | /* Connects your client to an IRC server. In this case, it is the channels and type freenode server*/|-| /join #seneca| /* Join #seneca channel */|-| /nick nickname| /* Change your nickname */|-| /leave| /* Leave thechannel */<br/>Syntax **Note: /msg NickServ GHOST [nick] [personal password]part also works|-<br| />query nickname| /* leave out Open a private chat with some one */|} Once connected to the server, it is a good idea to register your nick, otherwise someone can impersonate you and steal your nick -- Forcing you to change your name again. To register, one uses the brackets [ ] following command:
/msg NickServ ghost nickname nickserv REGISTER foo</code> This will associate your account with the e-mail, as well as have your password be foo.To identify yourself, you do a similar command:<code>/msg nickserv IDENTIFY foo</code>However If someone has taken your registered nick, not sure if it's case sensativeor you have a zombie in the channel (Where you drop connection but you still appear in the channel), there is a command to fix that{|| RECOVER Kill another user who has taken your nick<br /><br />Syntax : /msg NickServ RECOVER [nick] [personal password]<br /><br />/* leave out the brackets [] */(NOTE: Please use the Ghost command instead for now)|-| GHOST Kills the nickname<br /td><br />Syntax : /msg NickServ GHOST [nick] [personal password]<br /><br />/* leave out the brackets []<br /><code><br />/msg NickServ ghost nickname password<br /tr></tablecode>|} Stick with GHOST for now, as Recover is becoming more obsolete.
== Linked List Explained ==
[[Linked List]] <br />
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