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User:Chris Tyler

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* X11 fanatic, especially multiseat systems
* Professor in the [ School of Computer Studies] at [ Seneca College], Toronto
* Former member Member of the [[:fedora:Board|Fedora Project Board]](F10-F11, F13-F14)
* Member of []
* Does programming and consulting on the side
* Has lived in Toronto, Waterloo, Muskoka, and Woodstock, Ontario; Victoria, BC; and Calgary and Standard, Alberta
* Enjoys camping, biking, baking, cooking, photography -- but doesn't have enough time to do much of those things these days
* Co-chair of the [ Free Software and Open Source Symposium] (FSOSS) 2007-- '''I'll see you there, right?'''2009
* System administrator of []
* Has programmed for a living in 20+ languages (including: 6809 assembler, Multics PL/1, C, FoxPro, Perl)
* Author of [ Fedora Linux: A Complete Guide to Red Hat's Community Distribution] (O'Reilly 2006) and [ X Power Tools] (O'Reilly 2007)
* Irregular writer/editor of the [ Fedora Daily Package]
* Blogs quite irregularly on the [ O'Reilly Network]
* Blogs somewhat more frequently on [ his personal blog] (learn more about me there)

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