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== Assignments Introduction ==[[Eva_Assignment_1| Assignment 1]] Hi, All! I am: * BSD Semester 7 (Started at the very beginning of BSD)* Part time BSD and CPA Tutor at The Learning Center at Seneca College* Worked as a QA during my Summer 2006 Coop* Do not have any experience on Open Source project, but find it quite interesting. Hopefully, I can get more involvement to Open Source by the end of this term. The reason I say that, I consider myself SLOW in some cases. * Not Geeky in any way, but for some reason being in programming. Usually quiet, but can be talkative at time too.
== Contact Information ==
:'''IRC Nick''': eor
:'''Skype''': N/A
== Project ==
Project Leader in [[Calendar_stuff|Calendar Stuff]]
== Assignment 1 ==
[[Eva_Assignment_1| Assignment 1]]

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