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The Steps
=== Step 5 -Finishing up ===
Your at the final step, I know, this SVN stuff is gravy. So you are done working on your code for now? Are your really? Well here is the magic question, does it compile? No? THEN DO NOT COMMIT IT!! Do not commit any code that does not compile, your team will hate you and your family will abandon you if you do! <br />Once your code compiles then you are ready to commit it to the repository. It is safest if you only commit files you changed, that way you minimize the likely hood of a conflict. So select all the files you changed (marked with the red exlamation exclamation mark) and right-click, close your eyes and hit submit. If it goes through just fine, no problems, then all you have to do is add a comment, something describing what you did, and your done. Let out a sigh of releifrelief. BUT you may get some conflictions conflicts if someone changed the code before you committed it. This is likely due to an eager group member of yours changing something without telling you (I'm looking at you northWind). The best thing to do is to simply not commit your code, and contact your group members as to why the code was changed, figure it out with them, once everything is sorted out, then commit it. YOU ARE DONE.
=== Credits ===
This page was written by your friendly neighborhood CloudScorpion.

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