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<table width="100%" border="0" > <tr> <td> == '''Your Linux "Guide on the Side"''' ==   This WIKI is a resource for people to learn how to work in the Open Source environment.<br />Below are links to pages to provide useful help.  '''Why Should Pages I Use Linux?'''have created:* [[Why Should I Use Linux?Ubuntu Guide]]* [[What is Ubuntu?]]<br http:/><br /> '''Setting up Ubuntu:''' * [[Obtain a Ubuntu CD for free (burn a copy)]]* Install Ubuntu (While Running MS Windows)* Install Ubuntu (boot from CD)* Create a Diskless Computer Lab (LTSP - Edubuntu) (Boot from CD)* Getting Connected to Internet* Customize Your Ubuntu System* Install Applications in Ubuntu<br><br wiki/> '''Application Help:''' * Open Office (Office Suite)* Gimp (Image Manipulation)* Audacity (Audio Recording | Processing)* Cinelerra (Non Linear Video Editor)* MPlayer (Media Player)* Devede (Media Transcoder)* Mythtv (TV Digital Video Recorder)* Cxoffice (Run MS Office in Linux)* Educational Software (Kids)* Educational Software (High-school index.php/ College)* Educational software (Adult)* Taking Screen Captures* Administration Tools* File Manager* Virtualbox (Run Windows in Linux)* VMPlayer (Run Linux in Windows)* List of Useful Applications (by Category)<br /><br /> '''Gaming:''' * Cedega Gaming Service (Play PC games on Linux)* Frozen BubbleStudio Ubuntu Studio]* Planet Penguin Racer (formerly Tux Racer)* Open Arena* kxmame  <br /><br />  </td><td valign="top"><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>  <span style="border-width:0">[[Image:ubuntu-logo.png testing_bp]]</span>  </td> </tr></table>

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