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FUDCon Toronto 2009

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Why attend FUDCon?: Typo fix
*# '''First''' (innovation and advancing the state of open source).
* By getting involved in the Fedora community, you can contribute to a valuable project used by millions of people, while at the same time practicing your skills and learning new ones. Fedora is a huge project, with many ways to get involved.
** '''Are you a system administrator?''' You can help create tools, develop and improve processes, and maintain the infrastructure to build over 12000 software packages and distribute 24 petabytes of data each release, or help shape the way that Fedora works.
** '''Are you a programmer?''' There are millions of lines of code being maintained, integrated, packaged, and tested. There's opportunities both big and small, from fixing bugs to writing tests to creating new features, in a wide variety of programming languages.

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