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OOP344 Assignment One

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Windows Visual C++
===Windows Visual C++===
To Download Visual studio from [ Seneca/ACS download page] Seneca students should first login using their Seneca account, click on MSDN and scroll down to the DVD Downloads subheading. Download the file "(Dual Layer) Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition, MSDN Library for Visual Studio 2008 ".
(Note that the image does not include [ Service Pack 1])
You Users also have the option of downloading Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition from the [ Microsoft Visual Studio Express Downloads page]. You Users will have eventually need to register the product, free of charge, in order to use it without a time limit but this does not involve any paymentcontinue usage beyond the trial period. To register, start up open Visual C++, click select 'Help' from the top tool bar at the top and select 'Register Product'. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen and you will receive the a registation key at the endwill be issued following successful registration.
If you have other MS Visual Studio products (eg. Visual Basic) installed you may be asked to first uninstall them before you are able to install installing the Visual C++ Express Edition.
====Creating a Project for console application in Visual C++ 2008====
* Press '''Ctrl+Shift+N''' or click on '''File/New/Project'''

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