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With everything in place I entered the command to compile. After approximately 50 minutes (on a 1.7 GHz Celeron w/1gig ram) the build completed successfully.
=== ''' Fig 1: Config Batch File ==='''
=== ''' Fig 2: Mozconfig File ==='''
. $topsrcdir/browser/config/mozconfig
=== Screenshots ===
[[Image:Example=== Conclusion ===I was actually surprised at the sheer size of the source code for Firefox and the fact that through a few commands all of it would come together to form a very versatile program. In the past the largest program I had created was around 15,000 lines of code in VB6 at the time I thought it was a daunting achievement. It has really been enlightening to build this program and to actually be able to poke around in the source code. Overall I thought it would have been a lot harder to compile such a large program and I feel that the experience (though frustrating) was worth while.jpg]]

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