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= '''Davoud Salahi Rad''' =
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'''Work done during DPS909 - Winter 09:'''
** Blog
** Bugzilla
** IRC*Created personal wiki page*Added links to Students page*Added blog feed to Planet List*Readings.../Exploring:** Cathedral and Bazaar** Revolution OS** Eclipse WTP - procedure** Eclipse WTP Overview
*Familiarized myself with the environment
*Tried a [ minor] fix enhancement to get hands-on experience with Eclipse WTP bug fixing
** Java EE Overview
** Eclipse Webtools Architecture Overview
*Went over the bugs and picked some!! :)
*Looked over suggested readings on the course weekly sched**Eclipse Plugin**WTP Server Tools API Concepts*Published list of bugs being considered
== '''Week 4''' ==
*'''0.1 Release ''' - ''Reproduce Reproduced bug''*Browsed Eclipse web pages**WTP Servertools**WTP Project Development**Eclipse Documentation
== '''Week 5''' ==
== Other ==
*[ Open Source@Seneca Planet] - ''Recent Blog Posts''

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