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Add an Infobar style warning for window resize/move

1,303 bytes added, 00:25, 11 April 2009
== Releases ==
'''Version 0.9''' <br />
Use '''patch -1 < InfobarFrontend0.9.txt''' for Front end code <br />
USe '''patch -1 < InfobarBackEnd0.9.txt''' for Back end code <br />
'''Release Notes'''
* In the Options, Content Tab:
** Added a checkbox to options: Notify Move/Resize. This governs the resizeWindow.show_infobar preference
** Added Exceptions button beside it, which opens the permissions manager to add sites to the allow/block list
* This patch ties all the work together and gives the features a fully accessible interface
* Added one new test to Mochitest which tests the preference
* Fixed a bug where there were two of the same preference names in about:config (pref was added to the wrong file)
* Changed some variable naming conventions (in nsGlobalWindow.cpp is isAbsolute)
* Fixed a bug where isAbsolute is flipped when sent from nsGlobalWindow.cpp
* Added a confirmation to "Allow Once", and it shows the x and y coordinates as well as the command being blocked
** Reason being users weren't able to see what parameters were blocked.
** To allow users some freedom and knowledge about what the blocked command was before allowing it
* Fixed a bug where javascript can crash if you called "Edit options", because it was missing a try and catch block
Bug can be found in the bug info above<br />
'''Version 0.8:''' <br />
Use '''patch -1 < InfobarFrontend0.8.txt''' for Front end code <br />

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