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0.7 Attachment Reminder + LIBNOTIFY + Tango Icons
My prospect bug is [[Tango Icons bug]]. Currently, I don't have any idea what is going on with that bug. I only know that I am going to do that bug.
== 0.8 Attachment Reminder + Tango Icons ==
0.8 is the combined release for [[Attachment Reminder Bug]] and [[Tango Icons Bug]].
For the [[Attachment reminder bug]], I am getting somewhat impatience. I am trying my best and still not be able to get it done. Improper apply of the patch and building errors for the patch are killing me. I am not getting the reason why my patches are creating so much issues in other machines? I guess, I have to create the patch and ask David Humphrey, if he can apply my patch and build Thunderbird. Hopefully, next will be my last patch.
[[Tango Icons bug]] is the most interesting bug for me. It contains some user interface stuffs that I like the most. In this bug, I have to apply the patch created by Andreas Nilsson, one of the community member, and make the patch compatible to the hg mercurial. In this bug, I have learned about combination of CSS, XUL and images in Thunderbird code.
Currently, I feel that I am getting all sorts of experience in the Thunderbird code. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I am feeling more satisfied and versatile. After working on all these bugs, I am more confident that I will be able to handle everything that comes to me in terms of coding.
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