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Week 3 (Jan 26) - Complete distcc installation, Managing and Building large source trees
** Common concepts and tasks
*** Repository
*** Local Working Copyworking copy*** Typical read-only activities: Checkout ''checkout, Updateupdate''* Using Make ''make'' to build software** Intro to [ Make''make'']* Building Large Open Source Projects large open source projects from Sourcesource
* '''Readings/Resources (to be completed)'''
** [ Version Control With with Subversion (Online Book)]
** [ GNU Make]
** Two simple [ makefile examples]
** Install distcc to work with all linux boxes at CDOT
** Check out the code with latest milestone from svn:// and time it and blog about it.
** Make two copies of the code and configure them; one to complie compile locally and other using distcc.
** Start Building
*** [[OOo Fedora Build]]

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