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DPS909 and OSD600 Winter 2009 Weekly Schedule

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** Create an '''account''' on this wiki for yourself
** Create a '''personal wiki page''' on this wiki
** Add a link for yourself to the [[People]] page and the [[Winter 2009 Open Source Students]] page
** Create a '''blog''' ([ WordPress] or [ Blogger] or whatever) and create a feed category or tag called "open source"
** Test, Experiment with patches; Create, dry run, apply.. (blog, wiki)
** use GDB and run openoffice in debug mode (blog, wiki)
== Week 7 (Feb 23) - Selecting a project (Issue)
* [ Education project]
** [ Membership]
** [http:// Available Projects] (Search for those with Seneca tag)
** [ Seneca Page On Education Project]

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