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The [ Fedora Project] is a [[:fedora:Statistics| community of contributors]] from [ around the world] who work with each other to rapidly advance [ open source] software. The Fedora Project develops and maintains many software packages, and is best known for producing the [ Fedora linux] distribution. There are [[:fedora:Foundations|four foundations]] which are the core values of the Fedora community: [[:fedora:Foundations#Freedom|Freedom]], [[:fedora:Foundations#Friends|Friends]], [[:fedora:Foundations#Features|Features]], [[:fedora:Foundations#First|First]].
A number of Seneca students and faculty are involved with the Fedora Project, and many courses in the Seneca [ School of Computer Studies] use the Fedora linux distribution. Students in the [[LUX Program|LUX]] system administration program and the [[SBR600|SBR600 Software Build and Release]] course are active [ contributors] in the Fedora community. In addition, Seneca professor [[User:Chris Tyler|Chris Tyler]] is a Fedora Project board member (F10-F11) and wrote the O'Reilly book ''Fedora Linux: A Complete Guide to Red Hat's Community Distribution''.

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