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Canvas3D XUL Runner App

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== Create XUL Runner App for Canvas 3D JS Library ==
== Usage ==
== Links & Extra Info ==
== Project News ==
Jan 22: Missed the Skype meeting on Mozilla's chat server
Jan 19: Duplicated project plans for the term [[Portable_Canvas_2009|here]].
Jan 15: Skype meeting - project updates
* Loose outline for 0.4 to 1.0 sketched
* Blog posts to be made on c3dl wiki and caught by the Seneca planet this term
Dec 11: Skype meeting - running on both Windows and Mac, missing "Open file" GUI
Dec 4: Skype meeting - no progress
Nov 27: Skype meeting - no progress on v0.3
Oct 30: Skype meeting - ver 0.2 scope design
Oct 21: [[Canvas3D XUL Runner App 0.1|Version 0.1]] release!!
Oct 16: Skype meeting
Oct 9: First Skype meeting, ver0.1 scope redefined
Sept 26: Version 0.1 scope loosely defined
Sept 17: Wiki page created!
== Project Details ==
[ Canvas 3D JS Library] is a js library for doing 3D in the browser. It uses the [ Canvas 3D extension]. To show off the abilities of the library we have been creating demos that people can try out from our web site. However, in order to try these demos, the user has to install the canvas 3D extension and this would not be possible if they are not using Firefox 3 or if they have problems getting the extension. We would like a XUL Runner app that will create a "mini browser" with the extension packaged. The app would have a drop box that will get download any new demos that we put up on the website. The app should also include a source viewer that allows the user to see the js source for the demos along with the ability for the user to create and test their demos.
References: cathy, Andor, #c3dl on moznet (

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