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''[It's weird to write in 3rd person, when I'm the one writing about myself!!! :) So I will write in 1st person:...]''
I have received '''A and A+ in 30 courses out of 37 [ courses''' taken so far]. My '''current cumulative GPA''' is '''3.82''' and I have been on the '''President’s Honour List''' for outstanding academic achievement '''3 times''' - once every year since I started at Seneca - 2006, 2007 and 2008; '''''I hope to get it this last semester as well!! :) '''''
=== Eclipse WTP ===
**[ Development Essentials Tutorial] - '''Setup, Connection, CVS, Patch and more'''
**[ Building Eclipse Web Application Tutorial]
*[ List of WTP Bugs]
=== Other ===
*[ Open Source@Seneca Planet] - '''Recent Blog Posts'''

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