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After that, everything went chugging along ... or so it seemed.
==Wrapping things up==
Since my computer was <strike>pretty</strike> really slow, I left it compiling overnight.
When I woke up, the build process had died prematurely. I googled the error message and there wasn't much of a solution to the problem other than reinstalling gcc. Since memory was an issue here, I assumed it must have "crashed" due to lack of memory.
So I ran the build command again and the build process picked up from where it ended. I concluded that it really was due to lack of memory.
This "error" continued to occur several times more, but I finally approached the goal. Unfortunately, the last linking part crashes the terminal window so I couldn't proceed further.
I was down to the last resort.
Since Gnome probably sucks up enough memory by itself, I decided to switch to console mode. After I did that, I stopped the Gnome Display Manager (/etc/init.d/gdm) and VMWare (since it was running as well).
I crossed my fingers and started building again.
And it completed sucessfully. Phew.

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