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SRA840 Lab1

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So far, I haven't really found anything to dislike - maybe something will come up later on, during use, but I have no issues with the installer.
=== Nestor CHAN ===
I tried to install FreeBSD in my virtual machine for few times. But I still havn't figured out the proper way to install. Instead, I found some valuable, fantastic resources about the differences between Linux, BSD and Solaris. I.'ve summerise and organised the articles and I would love to share with you
===== PROCESS =====
The basic unit of scheduling in FreeBSD is the thread; and in Linux, the task_struct. Linux represents processes (and threads) by task_struct structures. A single-threaded process in Linux has a single task_struct. A single-threaded process in FreeBSD has a proc struct, a thread struct, and a ksegrp struct. The ksegrp is a "kernel scheduling entity group." Effectively, both OSes schedule threads, where a thread is a task_struct in Linux and a thread structure in FreeBSD.
===== MEMORY =====
FreeBSD describes its process address space by a vmspace, divided into logical sections called regions. Hardware-dependent portions are in the "pmap" (physical map) module and "vmap" routines handle hardware-independent portions and data structures. Linux uses a memory descriptor to divides the process address space into logical sections called "memory areas" to describe process address space. Linux also has a pmap command to examine process address space.
=====FILES SYSTEM=====
- FreeBSD
ufs Default local file system (ufs2, based on BSD Fast Filesystem)
defvs Keeps track of /dev files
ext2 Linux ext2 file system (GNU-based)
nfs Remote files
ntfs Windows NT file system
smbfs Samba file system
portalfs Mount a process onto a directory
kernfs Files containing various system information
- Linux
ext3 Journaling, extent-based file system from ext2
ext2 Extent-based file system
afs AFS client support for remote file sharing
nfs Remote files
coda Another networked file system
procfs Processes, processors, buses, platform specifics
reiserfs Journaling file system
===== References =====

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