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Canvas3D Picking

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=== 0.3 - Dec 12th ===
==== Goal (Done) ====* Have Modified the project working or at least close Model.js to working include the following 2 functions** getVertices(with few minor bugs): returns the vertices of the object** getBoundingBox(aabb): Returns an array of the min/max XYZ values for the bounding box, including it's scaling factor* Made Picking.js** Creates the mouse vector from the camera to the far clipping plane*** 2 main variables: Mouse Origin and Mouse Direction Vector** Ray-Bounding Box Intersection Test*** Takes the min/max XYZ values of the bounding box, mouse origin and direction vector*** Returns true if intersect*** Need to transform the mouse origin and direction vector into the object's space before performing test** Sorts the intersecting objects from closet to furthest from the camera** Returns an array of object index in the scene
== Project Updates ==

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