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Project Details
== <font color="Peru">Project Details </font>==
=== Conversations ===
|December 6th
|Ted Mielczarek
I told Ted about how a large number of pgc (profile data) files were in a folder that gets deleted before the pgc files get used to optimize Thunderbird. It turns out that this folder gets clobbered to make sure if some one rebuilt their try after removing a component that it would not still be there. Ted suggest adding a flag that <code>ifndef MOZ_PROFILE_USE</code> then go ahead and clobber it otherwise don't.<br /><br />
That is only one part of it. The pgc files need to be merged into their corresponding pgd (program database) files but the script that does this only looks in one directory. I think I can just tell it to look in both locations. The <code></code>does not return errors for files not found.
=== PGO Details ===

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