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Comparision between two great Talks
= Comparision between two great Talks =
It is very hard to conclude and compare two great talks in a paragraph. Still However, let me just give a try:;
Both spokespersons were are masters in their fields. Dan is master in Thunderbird community while Greg is master in Linux community. Now Hence, it seems obvious that Dan’s talk would be more focused on Thunderbird community. However, Greg’s talk was not specific to Linux community. It was in general for and generalized to the whole open source community. Dan’s talk was more about responsibilities for of a community member of the community; : what a member should do and what he a member should not do to make the community and the product better. But, Greg was more focusing on what a community can do and should do to make contributors happier and more satisfied. Though both were targeting different part of the open source worldcommunity, they both were aiming to make the community utopiaa better place to work.
= Personal Views =

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