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= Introduction =
FSOSS, Free Software and Open Source Symposium, a place where open source community members can meet each other, make new connections, refresh old connections and express their different thoughts on the community. FSOSS has started only seven years before but it has made a huge impression on the open source community. People from various corner of the world came to attend the symposium and to deliver a speech in the symposium. By creating a separate track for “teaching open source”, this year FSOSS has initiated another branch in the open world. This track was a big success in which people discussed how we can teach open source projects to the students. The talk that I enjoyed the most was Thunderbird community talk and Greg DeKoenigsberg’s community building talk. Thunderbird community talk was all about growing the community and making the community healthier. The talk also discussed about obstacles to the community and “Debian EffectEffect”.The other talk , “Community Building and the Architecture of Participation” , was full of enthusiasm and energy. The speaker, Greg DeKoenigsberg, was so impressive that he convinced me to believe, “Contributors are God to for the open source Communities.”
Let me explain these two talks in detail...

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