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===<span hr style="height:5px;width:100%;background-color:DarkRedSaddleBrown;">==='''Adding a how-to</span>'''===<hr style="height:5px;width:15%;background-color:Peru;">
To add a how-to to this page add a heading under the correct category OR create a category if one doesn't exist. There are currently no formatting or style rules. The suggestion is to be clean and well laid out. Look over the current how-to's to get a feel on how your tutorial should be laid out. Thank you for the contribution.
===<span hr style="height:5px;width:100%;background-color:DarkRedSaddleBrown;">==='''Creating a Wiki page</span>'''===<hr style="height:5px;width:15%;background-color:Peru;">
Here are two ways to create a wiki page:

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