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Example Midterm Test Questions
4th make
5th make modules_install
4. '''Steps to reduce the LV (logical Volume)'''
1. To reduce the volume the file system has to reduced first.
In this example the original size of LV is 240 MB and we
have to reduce it by 200. Means the resulting LV size would be 40 MB
(a)File system has to unmounted before reducing
#umount /mnt
(b)make sure the file system is in consistence state before reducing
# fsck -f /dev/seneca/home
(c)reduce the size by 200MB
# resize2fs /dev/seneca/home 40M
(d)Now we can reduce the LV.
#lvreduce /dev/seneca/home -L 40M
PS: wrong values/parameters may render file system unavailable
ref:RHCE exam Book

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