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Project Details
== <font color="Peru">Project Details </font>==
==== REPORT ON BUG [|[244455]] ====
After a long talk with Dan Mozedale and David, we figured out a good project for me -- Attachment Reminder.
==== Talk with Bryan(ClasrkBW) ====
I emailed Mr. Bryan if he had some ideas about the project. Fortunately, he replied me with some designs and ideas that ha had. These design gave me better understanding of the project.
==== 0.20 Release ====
After working 2 days on the Bug, I finally understood Mozilla database and regular expression in JavaScript. Finally, I released my patch with basic requirements for the bug on 8th Nov, 2008.
==== Big Big Comments ====
wow, I didn't expect these much long comments. Main issue was that I used Database for storing keywords. It was too much to use databases for this small amount of work. Comments suggested that I should use Mozilla reference system for storing CSV string which contains keywords. The other issue was to use spaces in place of tabs.
==== Progress ====
I replace my tabs with spaces.
I had to learn how to use Mozilla reference System
==== O.22 Release ====
I tried for 10 Hrs. straight to learn Mozilla preference System. I had some issues that I couldn't solve. When I asked my issue to the channel, Sid0 came up with the solution. It was a wrong Chrome://URL. Everything else was done before. I just replace this code by database system code in 0.20 release and the code was ready to submit as 0.22 release. At last, I submitted the patch again on 15th Nov, 2008. I am going to make it more user friendly in the next patch.
== Testing ==

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