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Contrib Opportunities

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* ([[User:Chris Tyler]]) - We need a bot for {freenode,moznet}:#seneca similar to firebot/zodbot. It should know how to turn bugzilla numbers into the corresponding URLs (for Mozilla, Red Hat,, and Eclipse bugzillas), know how to convert wiki page names to URLs (OpenSource@Seneca wiki, maybe others), and be able to do useful things with user IDs (last seen, give the user's OpenSource@Wiki page). Ideally it should have a bunch of other userful features (e.g., leave a ping for a user who's not online now, ...)
* ([[User:John64|John Ford]]) - I have written a script that sets up OpenGrok for Mozilla. I have a couple issues with it that I'd like to fix but don't really feel like doing myself. My script either checks out a repository if it has't been done before or updates an existing one. This is to make deployment of the script easier. My script does the initial checkout correctly but I need to check that a) my script does the update correctly and b) that the update works. Ideally the contrib would be in the form of a patch on my script. For this contrib you'd need bash, mercurial and sed and time to do a checkout from scratch. The second contrib opportunity is to help me configure and theme the JSP Context. This would require CSS knowledge, XHTML Knowledge and *very* basic JSP knowledge (enough not to break the jsp tags). Ping me in moznet/#seneca or freenode/#seneca if you are interested!

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