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For schedule and office location, see [ Chris' homepage].
Random info about me:...* '''ctyler''' on irc ([irchttp://ircwww.nserc-crsng.mozillagc.orgca/Professors-Professeurs/RPP-PP/seneca moznet#senecaIRCC-CRIC_eng.asp Industrial Research Chair] at [[Open Source Technology for Emerging Platforms]] in the [[CDOT|Centre for Development of Open Technology (CDOT)]] or * Professor in the [irchttp://ircscs.senecac.mozillaon.orgca School of ICT] at [http://seneca Seneca College]), Toronto* email: '''''' (students: use this address, put your section ID in the subject line) or ''''''<!-- * '''ctyler''' on irc ([irc:// moznet#seneca] or [irc:// freenode#seneca]) -->* Course timetable online at
* Linux fanatic, especially [ Fedora]
* X11 fanatic, especially multiseat systems* Professor in the [ School of Computer Studies] at [ Seneca College], Toronto* Member Former member of the [[:fedora:Board|Fedora Project Board]]* Member of [](F10-F11, F13-F14)
* Does programming and consulting on the side
* Lives in Vaughan Toronto; married with his wife and two grown daughters* Has lived in Toronto, Vaughan, Waterloo, Muskoka, and Woodstock, Ontario; Victoria, BC; and Calgary and Standard, Alberta
* Enjoys camping, biking, baking, cooking, photography -- but doesn't have enough time to do much of those things these days
* Co-chair of the Has helped organized [ Free Software and Open Source Symposium 2008] (FSOSS 2008), October 23-24 -- '''I'll see you there, right?'''in various ways since its inception in 2002* Original founder of []* Has programmed for a living in 20+ languages (including: 6809 assembler, Multics PL/1, C, C++, FoxPro, Perl, Python)
* Author of [ Fedora Linux: A Complete Guide to Red Hat's Community Distribution] (O'Reilly 2006) and [ X Power Tools] (O'Reilly 2007)
<!-- * WriterWas once the writer/editor of the [ Fedora Daily Package]--><!-- * Blogs irregularly Once upon a time, blogged on the [ O'Reilly Network]--><!-- * Blogs somewhat more frequently irregularly on [ his personal blog] (learn more about me there)  = Project Appointments = Fill in the table below to reserve some time for project hacking.{|width="80%" border="2" style="text-align: center" |-><!!Wed Nov 5!Fri Nov 7!Mon Nov 10!Wed Nov 12!Fri Nov 15 |-!Morning|||PatCons (aka PopCon)||Milton |-!Afternoon||Vyas|Louis''(LUX Meeting 3* Posts more often on http:30-4:30 pm)''|Greg|Nestor// (2/3pmGoogle+|-->!Evening|||Varinder|| |} Thursday Nov 13 - 11* Tweets as [http:40-1:30 - Stephen Carter// @chris_tyler]

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