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DPS909 FSOSS Paper 2008

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'''Due Date''' Tuesday November 4thTBD. Please submit your work via the wiki (i.e., no paper copy required) by adding a link to your report below. '''Note:''' It would be a good idea to put any FSOSS reports under your personal page and username like so: to decrease the use of generic article names.
===Student Reports===
* Student Name, '''Link to paper with Title'''
* Aaron Train, '''[ FSOSS 2008 Paper]'''* Ezadkiel Marbella, '''[ FSOSS 2008 Paper]'''* Jesse Valianes, '''[httpCategory:// FSOSS 2008 PaperDPS909]'''* Nino D'Aversa, '''[ FSOSS 2008 Paper]'''* John Ford, '''[[User:John64/FSOSS_Paper|John's FSOSS Paper of doom]]'''* Chinmay Patel '''[ FSOSS 2008 Paper]'''* James Evangelista '''[ FSSOS 2008 Paper]'''* Leonard Lee - '''[ Comparing Thunderbird and Open Access]'''* Joshua Doodnauth '''[ FSOSS 2008 Paper]'''* Siddharth Kalra '''[ FSOSS 2008 Paper]'''* Anthony Hughes '''[ Anthony's Not-FSOSS Paper]

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