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DTrace 0.1 Release

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Step 3: .Mozconfig file
The first option is the one we need. This tells the build to check for D-Trace dependancies and build the necessary probes on runtime. The rest are to ensure your build goes as fast as possible, and the application in the end will consume less memory. :wq out of the file and compile Mozilla using:<br>
<codepre>//Macmake -f build<//code> or <code>OpenSolarisgmake -f build</codepre> if you are using GNU.
Some people often omit the dtrace line from .mozconfig and run this command instead:
$ configure --enable-dtrace<br>
$ make or gmake
This works the same way. But I have seen most OpenSolaris people do this when it comes to installing patches to improve the D-Trace functionality.

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